Jun 3 2010

Animal Abuse at Ohio Dairy Farm

Animal Abuse in Plain City Ohio at Conklin Dairy Farm.

Mercy For Animals, a non-profit group, obtained video footage (from April 28 to May 23) of the owner and workers of the farm abusing animals.

Abuse meaning, beating cows with crowbars, stabbing them with pitchforks and punching them in their heads.

This week one of the workers was arrested, but the farm is still in operation. The owner is also caught on tape abusing the animals, so clearly the problem won’t stop until the farm is shut down or sold to a kinder, more responsible owner.

The farm needs to be SHUT DOWN immediately!

What can we do to help…….

1) Sign the petition at Change.org to shut down the farm.

2)  Contact the Union County Prosecutors Office and ask them what they are doing to shut it down (937) 645-4190. prosecutor@co.union.oh.us

3)   Establish relationships with our local dairy farms so we are confident that the dairy we are consuming is coming from well cared for animals.

4)   Go Vegan! I’m not there, but great for those who are.

Here is a video summarizing what ‘s been going on. The last 5 minutes of the video is the actual footage taken by Mercy for Animals.

I CANNOT watch the actual footage. I’ve only seen the first few seconds and I simply cannot watch another second.

I feel an obligation to pass it along and those who have the stomach for it can watch it.

This is why it is so important for us to know where our food is coming from and know our local farmers.


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