Aug 27 2010

Animal Rights Laws?

I am once again left scratching my head about the lack of protection animals are afforded in this country.

Neighbors of an abandoned home called police to tell them the owners had abandoned the home but left two dogs. The neighbors were concerned that the dogs did not have food and the temperature was rising.

When police arrived they said there was nothing they could do for 24 hours because after giving the owners written notice, the owners have 24 hours to remedy the problem.

Neighbors feared the dogs may be dead in 24 hours, so one man went inside and brought out the puppy. The police quickly arrested him, and the other dog remained trapped in the smoldering garage.

The puppy is now at a shelter, the rescuer is in jail, the older dog remains in the garage, and I’m baffled.

Why do we think so little of animal welfare? I always come to the same conclusion……because they don’t speak English. Let’s face it, if we discriminate against other human beings who don’t speak English, how do animals stand a chance?

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