Sep 21 2011

Billy The Exterminator

I’m not sure if you’ve seen the A & E show, Billy The Exterminator, but the kids and I are addicted to it.

I realize it doesn’t sound like a real animal rights kind of show, but it actually is.

The reality is as subdivisions expand, cities grown, and we continue to encroach on the animal world, there are going to be some close encounters.

Many are quick to whip out there guns or call a traditional exterminator who will use cruel traps, and kill the animals, but Billy is different.

When he gets a call about a gator in some one’s backyard, he carefully traps the animal and relocates it to a more suitable location.

When he gets a call about a bee infestation in some one’s garage, he removes the hive, and relocates it.

The only exception I’ve seen to the rule was a disgusting case of bedbugs. He went ahead and killed them, and I have to say, no tears were shed over here.

I’m a fan of the show because it’s compassionate toward animals, educational, and entertaining.

The show profiles Billy, his brother Ricky, mom Donnie, and his father , Bill Sr. They are a motley crew for sure, who I admittedly sometimes don’t understand exactly what they are saying,  but a loving family who tries to do the right thing for the animals they are called to “exterminate”.

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