Oct 3 2011

Meet Our Foster Kitties!

Meet Ari and Eric, our two foster kitties from the Michigan Humane Society!

After completing a short application, going to a 3 hour class, and having a quick home visit from a humane society representative, we are now qualified to foster animals in need from the Michigan Humane Society.

About eight years ago I fostered some animals from the Humane Socity, but I ended up keeping a dog and a cat, so I couldn’t continue fostering, as I clearly had my hands full.

That’s considered a failure by the way. Foster families are invaluable, and although we want the animals to be adopted, we also want to keep foster homes open for more animals.

I’m totally committed to the idea of giving up these kittens at the end of the two weeks so I can help more.

I have explained all of this to our kids and they seem to understand. I’ll definitely give an update as to how they react after we return these little guys to the shelter.

Shelter animals need foster homes for many reasons. In our case, these kittens have respiratory infections. There is a high risk of them infecting other kittens if they stay at the shelter, so they are with us for five days of meds and one weeks of recovery.

They just finished their medicine today, and they seem to be doing much better. If all goes well, they will be back at the shelter next week, adopted shortly after that, and we will get new fosters.

Maybe more kittens, a puppy, or a rabbit next.

The foster families receive email alerts everyday about all the animals who need a foster home and why. It’s up to the foster family to decide if they want to choose an animal, or not.

You can do it every month, or only take a few animals a year, whatever works for you.

The program is unbelievable, and I would encourage anyone to give it a try. It’s as much, or as little, responsibility as you’re willing to take on.

The shelter gives you everything you need. They gave us the littler box, litter, food, food bowls, toys, a travel cage, a large cage for the house, and the medicine.

The kids are really proud of themselves for giving these animals their medicine and a home to get well in. And I’m so proud of how kind they are, and what a great job they are doing. It’s been an incredible experience for all of us.

You can contact your local Humane Society to see how to foster animals, or other volunteer opportunities might work for you.


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