Nov 2 2011

Four Foster Kitties!

The bunny fostering did not go over well, but kitties are great!

These poor little guys (2 girls and 2 guys actually) are really sick! They all have upper respiratory infections and two of them have eye infections as well.

That means lots of meds! Not sure how much experience you have giving medicine to cats, but it’s not easy – those tiny claws are sharp!

I developed a little technique where I wrap them in a towel and then give them the medicine. It works well for liquids, but they refuse to take their pills.

I started crushing the pills and dissolving them in water, then giving it to them as a liquid. Lots of work, but they are taking it that way.

Last night I was concerned that one of them, Margo, would not make it. She had foam in her mouth, and was really struggling to breath. The Humane Society suggested putting them in their cage and running a hot shower to create steam.

It does seem to help, but wow, it’s like having a baby with croup, which unfortunately my youngest has had many times.

This group of fosters has been a lot of work, but they are sweet and loving.

Since they are sick, all the want to do is cuddle so my kids are in heaven!

I’m feeling optimistic about the outcome, but I wont know for another week or so if they are better……


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