Mar 23 2012

Going To The Circus?

Going to the circus this weekend? I hope not!

I’ve never taken my kids, and I never will. I used to just cringe when I heard people say they were going, but I actually stop in my tracks and try to let them know a little bit about what’s really going on behind the scenes.

For the most part I don’t volunteer my unsolicited opinion when I’m out in the world, but this is one exception.

The cruelty involved with the circus is so horrific, and still somehow so well hidden.

Elephants are some of the sweetest, most intelligent animals on the planet, and the abuse they endure is unconscionable.

If we would ALL stop going to the circus, it would all end. So simple!

Please watch as Alec Baldwin explains the atrocities that go on just so our five year olds can be entertained for a few minutes. After watching, I’m sure you’ll agree that the circus has no place in our society. Please pass it along to your friends and relatives so can put an end to circuses!

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