Dec 22 2010

Nature Center Visit

There are so many opportunities to connect your kids with animals, sometimes you just need to get a little creative.

In the summer we go to a lot of farms and animal sanctuaries, but in the winter we like to go to a nature center that’s not to far from our house.

There are two deer there who love to have company!

They were rescued when they were babies, orphaned by their mommy and more than likely would not have made it on their own.

After being raised in captivity they are not capable of living in the wild, so they remain at the nature center.

At the end of the week we bring our fruit and vegetables that we did not eat and feed the deer.

Obviously, the kids love feeding them (what kids wouldn’t), and they feel so good about themselves afterward.

Lately it’s been so cold that we only spend about 10 minutes there, but that’s enough time to feed them, and give them some love.

School districts are a good place to start to find animals in your area who need a little attention.

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