May 2 2012

Tell PETA My Mink Is Draggin’ On The Floor

“Tell PETA my mink is draggin’ on the floor” are lyrics from Kanye West’s song, “Theraflu”.

I suppose he thinks that’s clever, but to me it’s merely a childish and very desperate attempt at getting negative publicity.

It worked though. He’s gotten a ton of attention from not only people like me, but sadly, his followers who actually think it’s cool.

I’m confused about why supporting the torture of small animals is cool. Fashion is great, but as designers like Russell Simmons, Stella McCartney, and (although not in the same league) myself, have proven, you don’t need to be cruel to be fashionable.

I see young adults spreading his message all over cyberspace in an attempt to be cool, or fringe, or fashionable, or whatever it is they think they are doing, but the reality is that all they are doing is making themselves looks heartless, stupid, uneducated, and totally ignorant. Perhaps it’s being thrown around because people think it’s funny, but words have meaning, and consequences. Joking about heinously killing animals after they have been tortured and abused their whole lives baffles me.

Thankfully not all hip hop artists are on board. Check out Waka Flocka Flames, Ink Not Mink video for PETA.

Let’s not leave out the man I’ve had a crush on since middle school, Tommy Lee.

There are TONS of luxurious, faux options out there that have the same look and feel as the real deal, with none of the cruelty. So why then would you not choose the kind choice? Why would you support the torture of not only minks, but cats and dogs? And in case you didn’t know, tons of furs on the market contain cat and dog fur! Get a clue people – you are embarrassing yourselves! Times are changing!

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