Jul 11 2011

Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary

On our trip to upstate New York, we stopped by Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, and were not disappointed!

As you can see, we had the opportunity to see some happy pigs, chickens lounging in the sun with their limbs extended as far as possible for maximum relaxation, goats, cows, cats, ducks, and more. All rescued animals who now live in peace and harmony.


Couple Jenny Brown and Doug Abel began the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary in late 2004 with a small group of rescued chickens from a factory farm, and a rooster who had been dumped in a NYC schoolyard.

Woodstock is a haven for animals, along with being a great educational opportunity for children and adults. It gives us all an opportunity to get to know these animals in a way we otherwise may not.

We see their personalities, their quirkiness, their bonds, and ties to loved ones. We see our similarities, rather than differences, and realize the absurdity of our factory farming system in this country and around the world.

Kayli is Woodstock’s newest resident. You can go to their website to read her full story, and find out how you can help.


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