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Sep 4 2018

Natural Remedy for Staph/Impetigo

                              The fact that doctors overprescribe antibiotics is not news. And I think most people now realize that our guts are our second brains. If our guts are out of balance (more bad than good bacteria… Read More

Jul 2 2018

Toxin Binders

                          Charcoal and clay have been used for thousands of years for maintaining health. Animals naturally eat clay/dirt when they are sick, and to help ward off parasites. Binders are helpful for people who are susceptible to mold… Read More

Jun 23 2018

Maison Dixon Gluten Free Bakery Rice Free Options!

I’m returning to blogging after some needed down time with my 4 children, but now that my littlest is almost 3, I’m ready to get back in the game.  The only thing is, I still don’t have a lot of time, hence the new name, ‘Just A Thawt’. I have… Read More

Oct 25 2016

Our Fight Against Mold Illness

Our Fight Against Mold Illness

                              I wanted to do this post about mold illness after we had conquered it, but it turns out it’s taking more time than I previously thought. So many people have been asking about it, and… Read More

Nov 16 2015

Hail Merry Desserts

We cook almost everything we eat at our house because it’s so rare to find something packaged that is unprocessed. Hail Merry Desserts are delicious, gluten-free, and pale friendly – meaning low-glycemic, grain-free and dairy-free. The coconut vanilla cream is the kid’s favorite. Check out the ingredients:  organic shredded coconut, organic… Read More

Feb 8 2013

Placenta Encapsulation

I haven’t written a post in a while because I’ve been busy with this little guy. Ben was born a little over three weeks ago, and he’s been nothing but sweet and wonderful! Over the next few weeks I’ll do some posts on various pregnancy/baby related issues, including vaccines, birth… Read More

May 16 2012

The Raw Cafe – Detroit

The Raw Cafe is a totally vegan, and raw restaurant in the heart of Detroit. Founded by the amazing, LaKeta McCauley, and inspired by Hippocrates famous quote, “Let Food By Thy Medicine”, The RAW Cafe-Detroit brings the constructive, healing, and delicious power of food to the urban market. At the… Read More

May 11 2012

A Cup Of Lentils A Day

Lentils are one of the most underrated and underused foods out there! Just one cup has 89% of the folate needed for the day, along with 36% of the iron needed. One cup of lentils also has 18 grams of protein, which is 36% the daily recommended value, and 15… Read More

Apr 27 2012

Plywerk Photo Display

Plywerk has perfected an easy, elegant, and eco-conscious way to exhibit artwork and photos without the clunky and expensive frame, glass and mat. They print, mount and ship the Plywerk right to your door. It’s super easy: 1) upload your image 2) select finishing options 3) wait for your handmade… Read More

Viewing 1-9 of 9 posts Per Page: