Dec 12 2011

Born To Be Wild 3D


I did this post last April, and I finally got to see Born to be Wild yesterday! The previews were still too nosy for the kids, so we waited for them to end, and then came in to watch the film.

We all loved it. It’s definitely for all ages, and if it’s still playing near you please don’t miss it.

It is full of reminders about how similar we are to these amazing creatures. The kids were literally trying to reach out and touch them. A must see!


Born To Be Wild 3D premiered this weekend and I was so excited to see it after hearing an interview with its producer on NPR.

The film is about two women: one who handles elephant orphans in Kenya, and one who handles orangutan orphans in Borneo.

Sadly, I was not able to see the whole film. I’ve never taken my children to a movie theatre before, but I thought this would be a great time to go. The film is only 40 minutes long and they love watching nature/animal footage.

Turns out, the screen was too large and the theatre was too loud for their little eyes and ears. Noah was crying to go the second the previews started.

I will have to wait to see it, but I strongly urge you to go. It looks like an amazing film. Watch the preview…..

The Sheldrick Elephant Sanctuary featured in the film needs funds to keep going. If you are able, please take a second to go to their site and donate.

Dr. Birute Galdikas is also featured in the film. She has spent the last 50 years spearheading a program to help hand raise orphaned orangutans. Her organization, Orangutan Foundation International, also need our help. These women have devoted their lives to helping animals who need our help, and they need our help to keep doing their amazing work.

The animals are in these dire situations because of humans. Development taking over their homes, and cruelty/abuse for ivory. Now it’s up to us to help fix what we’ve done.

Even though my kids did not make it through the film, they sure looked cute trying.


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