Dec 1 2010

Chad Ochocinco Chooses ‘Ink, Not Mink’

Ok ladies, get yourselves together, it’s for a good cause!

Chad Ochocinco did this shoot for PETA to raise awareness on the cruelty of the fur industry.


For some ’tis the season for fur. That’s why this campaign comes at a perfect time. Most people know wearing fur has a negative connotation to it, but they really don’t know why.

Many just assume the  animals live a decent life and are are given a gentle shot to kill them when the time is right.

The reality is, they “live” horrible lives and their fur is ripped off their bodies while they are still alive and they are left to die. There are many excruciating details I could go into, but I won’t. Go to PETA is you’re interested in educating yourself, and then others. They have informative, and shocking videos that will leave you with a better understating of why anti-fur folk are so “crazy”.

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