Apr 2 2012

Natural Remedy For Sinus Infections


It probably goes without saying, but I very rarely take pharmaceuticals, including aspirin, Tylenol etc. So, when I saw that I probably had a sinus infection I was a little worried.

That same week NPR aired a story about how frequently people take antibiotics for sinus infections. Not only do they not help, but they make your body immune to them in the event that you really do need them in the future for something else.

I wasn’t sure if it was viral or bacterial, and most traditional doctors don’t test to see what kind of infection you have. Bacterial infections can be treated with antibiotics, viral ones can’t, so many people end up taking antibiotics that can’t even treat what they have.

Fortunately I have an amazing allergist, Terry Robinson, and she was able to determine that mine was in fact a bacterial infection. But, I didn’t have to take antibiotics because I was totally cured in two days by taking Olive Leaf Extract.

I had been blowing my nose literally every five minutes for almost a week. She told me to take two pills, three times a day of Olive Leaf Extract, and continue to take it for an extra two days after my infection cleared up.

After my first dose I was blowing my nose every hour, rather than every five minutes. After my second dose I was blowing my nose every couple of hours, and by the end of the second day I was totally cleared up.

Olive Leaf Extract helps fight bacteria so if you feel something coming on, start taking it!

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