Jun 12 2010

Noah Loves Bees!

At least that’s what he keeps saying. I always tell him that the bees love him because they bite him ALL the time!

He doesn’t care. He loves them just the same.

Watching my kids get dirty while they’re inspecting bugs is one of my favorite things to do.


This morning Noah spent at least 45 minutes examining rolly pollies, worms, spiders, ants and bees.

The commentaries were priceless. Turns out lots of them were ‘napping.’

I’ve never shied away from labeling a dead bug, a ‘dead bug.’

I just think he wants to think of them as sleeping.

Three years ago I would have told you my ‘perfect morning’ is waking up early, taking a great spinning class, and grabbing a hot Starbucks Latte.

Now I can honestly say, it’s sipping a hot cup of green tea with lemon while playing with two dirty little boys and a bunch of bugs!

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