Jun 22 2010

Paper Towels….Soaking Up Space in Landfills

Did you know that paper towels account for upward of 3,000 tons of landfill trash every day?!


We’ve gotten so used to using them, that most of us haven’t even thought about if we really need them. And for the most part, we don’t.

Think of all the things you use paper towels for that can be replaced by rags, towels and sponges.

1) Cleaning glass  – Rags

2) Cleaning the bathroom and kitchen counters – Rags

3) Drying your Hands – Towel

4) Cleaning fruits and vegetables – Towel

5) Cleaning up spilled juice – Sponge

We gave up our paper towels about a year ago. It was strange at first. I can honestly say, it felt like something was missing. How sad that we get so attached to “things” even paper towels. After a few weeks (maybe a little more for my husband), it was not only normal not to have them, but it felt weird watching other people use them.

I will confess that I have a stash for when our dog, Emily, decides she can’t wait until 7:00 am to go out in the morning. This occurs about once every 3 or 4 months, and when it does, I’m happy to grab a paper towel. Other than that, we are paper towel-less and proud of it!

Do you use paper towels? Can you live without them if you do? Share your paper towel thoughts!


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