May 8 2010

Start Your Compost!

We’ve outgrown our NaturesMill Compost.

We will still use it in the winter, but we really needed a larger compost to handle the larger amounts of kitchen scraps and yard waste. I also needed to make more compost for our garden.

We decided to go with Exaco Trading Feelgood compost (made of recycled materials).

It’s very simple to get going and Noah was thrilled to get started!

1) We raked the dirt and poke the dirt with a pitchfork to make it easier for the worms to come through.

2) We went to our local feed store and bought a bushel of straw, and a bag of compost.

3) We made ‘Garden Lasagna’ – One 3 inch layer of straw, one 2-3 cm layer of compost/soil. We made a few layers and added our food scraps.

That’s it!

We will add our scraps everyday and turn it with the pitch fork every few days. Noah loves to do it ‘all by himself’ of course.

Does it take a little time and effort? Yes.

But when you do it with your kids, it’s not a chore for any of you, it’s just fun.

As they get older, they will also realize it’s responsible, and helpful to our environment.

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