Aug 31 2010

Sugar – The Bitter Truth

We recently came back from a little family vacation where we were a little more relaxed about our eating and sleeping routines.

Henry’s 19 months so he wasn’t asking for ice cream (he’s never had it), but Noah, at 3 1/2, was asking.

The first night I have him ice cream (which he’s only had a few times in his life). He had a ‘tummy ache’ within 20 minutes and diarrhea within about an hour.

The next day he has sugary pastries and pizza. Diarrhea again.

By the time our trip was over he was exhausted and he had a ‘cold’ when we got home.

Sugar incident # 2 – One day I picked him up from school and he was eating a commercial brand rice crispy treat with artificial colors. We went to the park and he threw up.

Incident number 3 – At our last holiday dinner he ate a cake and brownies. He had diarrhea within an hour and I was upstairs with him for the remainder of the evening instead of downstairs with our quests.

The cause and effect of sugar is so immediate and obvious in him because he usually eats so well.

I’m the same way. Even as a child I did not like going out for Halloween because I always felt sick after. A few weeks ago I was snacking on some vegan chocolate chips while watching TV and I was up all night long – wired from the sugar.

My son and I don’t a lot eat sugar because we know it makes us sick. But there are many people who are just so used to feeling sick that they don’t even know it’s not a normal way to feel.

There are times when I feel pressured to give my son foods that I know are bad for him because society puts so much emphasis on our junk food culture. People think you are depriving your kids if you don’t give them candy. I think it’s poisoning them if you do. I see it, and feel it first hand.

Noah would not have come home with a cold, and chronic diarrhea, but for his sugar intake. Sugar suppresses you immune system, leaches vitamins and minerals from your blood and bones, it makes you fat, and it’s associated with cancer.

I’m including 2 UTube videos in this post. The first is “Sugar The Bitter Truth”. It’s long, but worth viewing to better understand how horrible sugar is for us. The second video is a shorter overview of the main points in case you can’t sit though the whole thing.

Here is one of the UTube comments ……..

“I watched this some time ago and as a diabetic followed all the advice. My sugar leves have dropped from 9.5 to 5.5, blood pressure is down and feel? great. Worth taking the advice, do watch it to the end.”

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