Jun 20 2010

SunChips Compostable Bag!

Let’s hear if for Frito-Lay! Wow, did I really just say that?! I have to say, I’m not a consumer of Frito-Lay products, but I’m so happy to see that they are trying to reduce their carbon footprint with their compostable bags.

Frito-Lay is looking to improve its packaging across the company, SunChips’ main focus right now is to promote composting and increase participation across the country.

According to the EPA, 44 million tons of food scraps and yard waste enter our landfills every year. All of which could be composted at home, or collected by municipalities.

In an interview, Jennifer Saenz, brand manager for SunChip said,  “Certainly we’re hoping that more people adopt the practice of composting. When we’ve looked at other countries that have adopted it at a more mainstream level like Canada and the U.K, it came about because of a groundswell of backyard composting […] It becomes a more common behavior throughout communities.”

“We’re hoping that we raise awareness of the benefits of composting and show people they can actually make a difference.”

“Don’t be afraid to start, it’s much simpler than you think,” she recommends. “And don’t be afraid to mess up, because you will. It’s an easy process, but it also takes a little bit of time to feel like you’re an expert at it.”

“It’s a really fun process, and it actually kind of brings out the nerd in everyone, I think. It fascinates you.”

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