Jun 10 2010

U-Pick Orchards

‘U-Pick Orchards’ are just as they sound……..orchards where you pick the fruit yourself.

As many of you already know, kids are thrilled to run around the huge orchards picking, and of course, eating fruit as they go!

This past weekend we visited one of our local orchards. We chose this particular one for a few reasons. Most importantly, I know they use organic practices when it comes to pest control. There’s no way to stop the kids from eating fruit as there picking, so you want to make sure they’re not eating chemicals.

We also chose it because there were other activities for the kids. Depending on where you live, an orchard can be a little bit of a drive, so you may want to make a day of it. The orchard we visited had farm animals, a great playground and tons of food including fresh baked bread, donuts and a grill.


These goats were intense! When they eat out of your hand, you can’t help but laugh because it tickles like crazy. They are also aggressive beyond belief – so fun!

We also chose it because we like strawberries, but as it turns out, they want to wait another week to harvest! So we drove about 45 minutes and didn’t get to pick anything. Having said that, we had the best time! There were so many other great things to do, and good food to eat, it didn’t even matter. It just gives us a reason to go back next week!


To find local orchards in your area click on the LINK.


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