Mar 9 2012

Younger Looking Skin


I’m often asked about what products I use on my skin. I continually post about products I like and have put many of them on My Favorites, but the appearance of my skin has far more to do with what I put IN my body, than what I put ON it.

EVERY day the first thing I do is drink a big glass of water with a the juice of a whole lemon squeezed into it. Lemon is acidic, but it’s alkaline in the body. Acidity ages us, lowers our immunity, and leads to countless medical problems. Lemon also cleans our liver. A healthy liver is essential to detoxify our organs, including our largest organ – our skin!

Detox programs are fine, but if you really want a healthy body, you have to continually detox on a daily basis. We are bombarded with too many chemicals so we really need to be aware that what we are putting in our bodies is reversing the damage, not adding to it.

The best time to work on repair is first thing in the morning because we’ve essentially fasted for 8-12 hours so whatever we consume will immediately be metabolized.

After I drink the lemon juice, I have my green drink. Even if you don’t have another piece of a fruit or vegetable for the rest of the day, but I hope you do, you’re still in good shape. Check out how many fruits, vegetables, and herbs I pack into this VitaMix!

I don’t drink caffeine because I don’t like the way it makes me feel and it creates an acidic environment. This drink gives me such a burst of energy that I can actually feel my skin tingling. I wait an hour before eating anything after I drink the smoothie. By blending it, we are helping out bodies pre-digest the food, but I still want to wait and make sure all the nutrients are being absorbed and used.

It’s important to make digestion as easy as possible on our bodies so we can use that energy elsewhere. Most of us load our bodies with so much bulk that we spend almost all of our energy on digestion. By freeing up that energy, we are able to use it for our actually physical energy and stamina. Our bodies can use it to fight disease, and boost our immunities.

Not only does meat take up to THREE whole days to digest, rather than the 30 minutes it takes for fruit, it also creates acidity, as does dairy. It does seem counter-intuitive that dairy is acidic in the stomach, while lemon juice is alkaline, but that’s just the way it is.

Meat and dairy take a ton of energy away from you just to digest it, and common sense tells us that meat gets pretty gnarly after a few days. I don’t want putrid meat in my body adding to acidity, taking away energy, and aging the heck out of me!

Since I’ve given up the processed foods, animal products, caffeine, and started incorporating more super-foods and raw foods, my skin is actually starting to look younger every day. The creases are naturally being filled in because I have more collagen.

Just yesterday NPR ran a story based on a Scottish study where people’s skin color changed in just six weeks when they increased their fruit and vegetable consumption. Adding 1-3 additional fruits or vegetables a day to their diets made their skin visibly healthier.

Exercise is also key. It aids in detoxification, and increases circulation. More importantly though, about all of this, is that it all makes you feel great!

Other great ways to increase circulation – which leads to great skin- is adding spices like cayenne into your diet, and garlic. I usually do a little shot of cayenne since I don’t cook with it a lot. I actually don’t do any of this stuff to make my skin look nice. I do it for my overall health, and healthy skin comes along with it.

Alcohol is acidic in our stomachs. I have PH strips that I got at Whole Foods and I keep them in the bathroom. I use them about once a week to check up on things. When I drink alcohol, the next morning I’m highly acidic. I drink alcohol about twice a month, maybe one or two glasses of wine. I enjoy it, but I never feel very well the next day so it’s just not worth the havoc it wreaks on my bodies. You can tell who drinks a lot just by looking at their skin. It is one of the quickest agers out there. With the rare exception of my good friend who never ages, and still really enjoys a good glass of wine. I’m pretty sure she can thank her Indian heritage for that one.

There are more things that I do but I don’t want to overwhelm you. The reality is that a few simple changes can make a huge difference! Pick one and try it for a few days and feel the difference. You’ll be able to feel the difference before you see it because real change takes time, so give it some time and be amazed at how much more refreshed you’ll look, and above all else, how great you will feel!