Nov 29 2010

San Francisco – I’m Lovin’ It!

San Fransisco is one of our countries pioneers when it comes to the health of our environments and food safety.


Taking effect next December, is a ban on toys being included in McDonald’s Happy Meals.

The ban was brought under Predatory Marketing laws. The idea is that including toys in the meals entice young children into eating food that is not good for them.

Some McDonald’s meals are still allowed by the law to include toys, as long as they are lower in sodium, and calories and include one vegetable or fruit item. A similar law is in effect in Santa Clara county, which is about fifty miles south of San Francisco in the Silicon Valley area.
I was sitting next to a few moms the other day while I was watching my son play tennis. They were talking about all the cancer and heart disease in their families and how they just can’t believe how common these illnesses are.
As soon as their children came off the court, they said, “ready to go to McDonald’s ?” This questions was received by cheers and off they went.
Am I the only one who thinks that exchange was odd? I’m just continually shocked by peoples disconnect with the food we eat and the health issues we face.
I do think it’s the parents job to watch what their children eat, but I’m not totally against the government lending a helping hand every once in a while when so many parents cannot figure these things out for themselves.

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