Jun 30 2010

Great Organic Shampoo – John Masters Organics

So maybe you’re sick of hearing about ‘organic this’ and ‘organic that’ but there’s a reason (many actually) why it’s important.

For shampoo in particular, the reason is that most non-organic shampoos contain sodium laurel sulfate. When it reacts with the plastic bottle nitrates and dioxins form that leach into your body with every shampoo.

John Masters Organics has a great line of organic shampoos that smell great and leave your hair feeling soft and smooth; without all of those nasty chemicals.

As consumers we are often so focused on what a product HAS, but we should really be focused on what it DOES NOT have.

Here’s what the line doesn’t have………

1. No sodium lauryl sulfate, parabens, DEAs, MEAs, or TEAs
2. No GMOs (Genetically Modified Organism)
3. No petro-chemicals
4. No animal testing
5. No artificial colors, fragrances or fillers

But for those of us who still want to hear bout the bells and whistles, here’s what the line has……
1. All plant extracts and essential oils must be certified organic whenever possible
2. All essential oils used must be steam-distilled and not extracted with propylene glycol – which kills the effect of the oils
3. All plant oils must be cold pressed, not heat distilled – which kills the therapeutic properties of plant oils
4. All ingredients must be proven to be beneficial to the hair or skin
5. All ingredients must be harvested in an environmentally-friendly manner (wild-crafted)
6. All ingredients must be bio-degradable as possible
7.Fair-Trade ingredients must be used when possible