Aug 13 2010

Product Reviews – SPF Moisturizers

I’ve been trying to find a great, ‘clean’ (minimal toxins), SPF moisturizer for many months.

It’s easy to find SPFs with tons of chemical that smell good and have a nice texture, but finding an organic, or low toxin version has been tricky.

I’m not necessarily sticking with strictly organic moisturizers because there are some good ones that are very ‘clean’ but not certified organic.

I’ll start with reviewing the one I used to use all the time and explain why I cut down.


Let me start off by saying that I really like the whole Marie Veronique line. It’s Organic, which is always a bonus, paraben-free (a must) and the SPF 30 Face Screen has a rating of (1) on the EWG’s ranking system. That means it’s as clean as you can get! Because the FDA is doing such a horrible job regulating the toxins in our products, I rely heavily on the EWG’s site.

So, what’s the problem? Well, it goes on a little white and sticky. If you wait a few minutes it gets much better, but it’s still hard to apply makeup after. I use it when I’m not planning on wearing makeup.


The Coola Mineral Face SPF 30 is certified organic and gets an impressive 3/10 ranking from the EWG . It’s clean and you can feel good about wearing it, but again, it doesnt work well underneath makeup. It’s a little slippery for some reason. The packaging describes what I call slippery as a ‘smooth caressing cashmere application’. If I had to choose between Marie Veronique and Coola, I think I would go with Coola, but only if I;m not going to be wearing makeup.



There is almost a tie between the last two SPFs I reviewed.

Skin QR L’air du Soleil – This product is ranked 2/10 by the EWG, which is nearly perfectly clean. It smells lovely, not at all what you’re used to sun protection smelling like. Like all the products I reviewed,  it’s free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and petroleum. The name suggests it’s organic, however I could not find certification on the packaging or on the website. Regardless, it’s still non-toxic, smells great and works well under makeup.

DeVita Solar Protective Moisturizer SPF 30 – This is my number 1 choice, but I will keep the L’air du Soleil in the mix because I don’t like to use the same moisturizer everyday. Devita is an all-around fabulous brand. It’s 100% vegan – which is high on my list of priorities! 100% vegan means the brand is cruelty-free, absolutely no testing on animals. DeVita’s website goes into a lengthy description of the importance of vegan cosmetics, here is a brief quote to help explain…..

“Adding to the confusion over whether an ingredient is of animal origin is the fact that many companies have removed the word “animal” from their ingredient labels to avoid putting off consumers. For example, rather than use the term “hydrolyzed animal protein,” companies may use another term such as “hydrolyzed collagen.” Simple for them, but frustrating for the caring consumer.

Animal ingredients are used not because they are better than vegetable-derived or synthetic ingredients, but because they are generally cheaper. Today’s slaughterhouses must dispose of the byproducts of the slaughter of billions of animals every year and have found an easy and profitable solution in selling them to food and cosmetics manufacturers”.

DeVita’s products are kind to animals and the environment. None of their products are packaged in plastic, and the boxes are made from 100% post-consumer recycled materials!

Solar Protective smells good, goes on well under makeup and makes your skin feel incredibly soft. Two thumbs up!


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