Jun 23 2010

The World’s Largest Garbage Dump…..The Ocean

Many of us have heard about the Pacific Ocean’s Gyre with 7 million tons of floating plastic,  but in case you haven’t seen it here it is……….

As you’ve just heard, clean up does not seem possible (although I think it’s worth a shot – an International Superfund?), the only tangible, current solution is preventing the mass from growing even larger. That means it’s up to us to change our habits.

What can we do to stop the plastic accumulation from growing?

1) Stop using single-use bags. Bring our own bags to the store.

2) Recycle Plastics. Currently only 5% is recycled.

3) Reduce our consumption of products with excess packaging.

4) Stop purchasing/producing certain types of plastics (#7) that cannot be recycled.

Here is another detailed look at the problem……….

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