Jun 22 2010

Battle of the Bags – Cali vs. Walmart!

In an effort to be more ‘green’ it seems there is a bit of a race brewing between one of the leaders in ‘green’ states, California, and retailer Walmart.

Here are the stats………


1) Considering a statewide ban for retailers  on free single-use bags.

2) If the ban goes through, retailers would still be able to offer single-use bags for a  5 cent fee to the customer.

3) The bags available for sale to customers must hold up for 100 more uses (i.e 100 more trips to the store with that same purchased bag).


1) Already has a self-imposed ban of single-use bags at 3 of their California stores since October.

2) Walmart would charge customers 15 to 50 cents for single-use bags.

3) Walmart’s bags available for purchase by customers will hold up for 75 more uses.

3) The company is committed to reducing its plastic bag waste 33% by 2013.

Who wins?

We all do! It’s sooooo cheesy, I know, but it’s true!

Hopefully other States, and retailers will follow suit. In the meantime we can keep toting around our empty totes awaiting our next purchase.

More Facts on Plastic Bags……..If you’re interested…..

It takes 1000 years for a plastic bag to degrade in a landfill.

8 Billion pounds of plastic bags enter the waste stream every year.


Much of that waste entering our waters, is killing wildlife who mistake the bags for food (i.e. Turtles confusing them for jellyfish).


Estimates are roughly 1 billion deaths of seabirds and mammals attributable to plastic bags.


Plastic bags are made from Polyethylene, a petroleum product, a non-renewable resource.

As the Polyethylene breaks down, toxic chemicals enter our water, soil and food stream.

American use over 380 Billion Plastic Bags a year, and throw away 100 Billion of them. It takes roughly 12 million barrels of oil to make that many bags.

Thinking paper bags are better?

Americans use approximately 10 billion paper bags a year, requiring the destruction of 14 million trees.

Paper or Plastic?  Sounds like bringing our own is still the best option.

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