Aug 29 2010

Bluefin Tuna Near Extinction

I was recently browsing and stumbled upon this footage. I’ve always known tuna was controversial, but I though it was only about mistakenly catching dolphines in tuna nets. It’s true that you can buy ‘dolphin-safe’ tuna, however I’m pretty sure you can’t buy ‘tuna-safe’ tuna.

“Entourage” star Adrian Grenier recently joined Oceana in a rare opportunity to observe and swim with bluefin tuna. Notoriously elusive, bluefin tuna are one of the fastest fish in the ocean.

They can get up 15 feet long, weigh over 1500 pounds and are able to accelerate faster than a race car. They’re there and then… they’re just gone. But even bluefin can’t escape our appetite. Bluefin in the Atlantic are now on the brink of extinction due to overfishing. Unfortunately, the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico may push them even closer to the brink — the Gulf is one of only two spawning sites in the world for Atlantic bluefin.

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