Dec 26 2010

Toxic Money

BPA is one of the most harmful and toxic chemicals out there right now. It’s so bad that it’s banned in many European countries but it can be found all over the United States. It’s been linked with breast and prostate cancers, and to major hormonal changes in children.

BPA is in many plastic bottles, toys, medical equipment, shower curtains etc. And now it can even be found in money and receipts. It is used to harden plastics, and is now being added to paper to make it sturdy and more denses

According to the report, “On the Money: BPA on Dollar Bills and Receipts,” released Wednesday by the Washington Toxics Coalition, BPA was found in 11 of the 22 receipts, and 21 of 22 dollar bills tested.
“We did some rough calculations on how much exposure you could expect to have from receipts if you were to crumple them, and it ended up [similar to] what Americans get from food,” said Erika Schreder, author of the report. “[Exposure from receipts] seems to be in the ballpark of what people thought was the most critical exposure route.”
Crumpling recieps resulted in the worst exposre because the toxin rubs off the paper and travels through our skin.
Aside from wearing gloves at all times,what should we do?
I know I won’t be crumpling up any more receipts or holding onto my money while waiting in line. I think all we can do with this one is just be more aware of the amount of time we are actually holding these items.
If you own a store please look into using  Appleton Paper in Wisconsin. They make BPA-free thermal paper receipts that uses a different chemical coating.
When will this garbage be banned in our country? It makes absolutely no sense. At the very least, perhaps our government could refrain from putting it in our money (with our money I might add).

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