Sep 7 2011

Seafood News – A Must See


I have been eating a plant based diet for quite a while now, although I still on occasion ate seafood (maybe once a month).

I tried giving the kids salmon about 6 months ago but they refused to eat it because “it’s an animal” – good for them! They used to love shrimp as well, but once they realized those are animals as well, they stopped eating shrimp. Good thing, because I have since learned that shrimp are about as dirty and contaiminated as you can get.

I stopped eating seafood a few months ago after hearing almost weekly reports on how the fish are raised in sewage, pumped with antibiotics; how the majority of fish that we buy is not what it is labeled to be. If you thought you bought salmon, you likely did not.

Clearly the animals are brutally killed, and it’s long been shown that fish do experience pain, and have close knit relationships with one another, but honestly, the nail in the coffin for me was all the reports on how disgusting seafood actually is.

Most of the fish comes from overseas, like China. I’m not interested in eating anything from China given their history.

I’m also not terribly interested in seafood from the U.S. because of it’s high mercury content and the spill in the Gulf.

How about the warning that women and young children should limit their intake of larger fish? Why just those groups? It’s ok for the rest of us to eat polluted and chemical-laden food? I’ll pass.

This ABC news clip does a good job of summing up the issues.


Here is a link to an Oceana video that dives a little deeper into the issues. They are a group we have been supporting for a few years now because of the amazing work they are doing to preserve our oceans and sea animals.




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