Aug 8 2018

Dangers of Gluten Free Rice Products

Many people start eating a lot of rice products when the go gluten free, but rice has dangerous levels of arsenic which is linked to many kinds of cancer. Rice is grown in fields flooded with water. Many of these fields were once used to grow cotton where it was sprayed with pesticides. So, even if you buy organic rice products, there’s still arsenic. While most people think of brown rice as being healthier than white because it has a lower glycemic index (meaning it’s better for blood sugar levels) brown rice has as much as twice the arsenic levels as white rice because it’s so fibrous. Consumer reports recommends eating no more than 1-2 servings of rice, or rice products per week!

Maison Dixon Bakery has great rice free bread, there are great pasta options like Felicia Organics who uses chickpea, mung, and lentils. Siete has delicious tortilla chips and wraps made with anti-inflammatory avocado oil.  Your best options are always whole foods that don’t come from a box or bag.  I make pasta for my kids occasionally, but I never eat it. I’ll make the kids toast or french toast occasionally, but rarely eat it. I do use the wraps occasionally, and eat Siete chips occasionally, but I keep it to a minimum. I eat according to the way I feel, and I just feel better eating whole foods.

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