Jun 26 2018

Proteolytic Enzymes

I’ve been taking proteolytic enzymes for at least 6 years, and it’s one of those things I don’t go a day without taking.  They are anti-inflammatory, and anti-cancer. They break down fibrin which is like spiderwebs in the blood that slows down blood flow. It’s also a place where cancer cells like to dwell, and grow. They help modulate your immune system, detox, help relieve aches, and pains, and also help make your skin look great.

I take five every night before bed, and if I haven’t eaten is a while, I’ll take five more at some point during the day. They need to be taken two hours after meals, or liquids (not including water), and one hour before.

They are also useful after surgery for getting rid of anesthesia more quickly, and speeding up your recovery time.

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