Jun 25 2018

Swimmer’s Ear

We wait all year for our pool to open and swim team to start, but this is the first year we’ve been faced with Swimmer’s Ear. 2/3 of these guys had it last week.

We stopped eating dairy when my oldest were 4 and 2 because they kept getting ear infections. Of course the pediatrician we used to go to at the time never suggested that, rather it was a result of doing research. That has often been the case, and a major reason why I love doing this blog – to share useful information.

This spring I let the kids have some dairy here and there as a little experiment to see if their bodies could tolerate it, and now that they have ear issues for the first time since we stopped eating dairy, I have my answer.

Doctors usually want to throw antibiotics and steroids at ear infections, but 80% clear up on their own, or with the help of natural remedies.

The boys were in a lot of pain, which is hard to watch.  They felt better with in a few days of using natural remedies so I wanted to share.

  1.  Onion Ear Muff:  Cut an onion in half and warm it in the oven at 300 degrees for 15 minutes. Put it on the infected ear for 15 minutes. The warmth helps it feel better immediately, and the onion vapors kill the bacteria. If the ear is too sore for the weight of the onion, you can remove the inner core and just put the outer 2 or 3 rings around the ear.
  2. Garlic Mullein Drops:  Use the drops a few times a day to kill the bacteria.  I also use these drops whenever my kids have a cold with a lot of nasal drainage to prevent an ear infection.
  3. Earache Drops: I love these drops. I’ve used them for all of my kids when they were teething and their ears were bothering them. They went from pulling on their ears and crying to being totally happy in minutes. They are very useful in elevating throbbing earache pain.
  4. Allicidin:  It supports the immune system, and it’s antibacterial and antiviral. Allicidin is activated when garlic is crushed. It’s extremely powerful, but most people don’t love the taste, so these tablets make it easy. Once a day with food is good for kids. I just crush garlic and wait about 10 minutes then swallow it like a pill.
  5. General Immune Support:  Vitamin C, fresh fruits and veggies.


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