Jul 12 2018

Sauerkraut Everyday?

















Yes, I eat sauerkraut almost everyday, and of course, I’ll tell you why. Most of us have gotten out of touch with our cultural roots, but if we were to go back, most of us would find the daily use of fermented foods in our ancestry. There’s Korean kimchi, Eastern Europeans love their sauerkraut, Japanese miso; yogurt originated in Turkey, but we all know there’s Greek yogurt as well.

While the fermentation process was used to preserve foods, it was understood that it also helped maintain health as societies’ first probiotic ‘supplement’.

Taking a high quality (not bought at the grocery store) probiotic maybe helpful as well, but there’s no better way to give your body what it needs than through food.

I started eating it regularly about 7 years ago, and the result was frightening. I was coughing up phlegm for 2-3 weeks. I clearly had a lot of “bad” bacteria in my gut that needed to get out. The sauerkraut was fully attacking and doing it’s job. Work through that period where you may feel gassy etc, because that’s just nature’s way of getting rid of what we don’t need. When your gut is in good health, you won’t have any side effects from eating sauerkraut. The more side effects you have (gas, phlegm etc) the more you actually need it.

I did make it at home a few times, but to be honest it takes more time than I have to give, and I was always nervous bacteria would get in there that shouldn’t be there from my kitchen and I would unknowingly grow an unhealthy batch.

Most store bought brands are pasteurized, which defeats the whole purpose as pasteurization kills bacteria. There are many great brands right now that you can find in the refrigerated section at the grocery store that are not pasteurized.

Many people have issues with dairy, whether they know it or not, so yogurt isn’t the best option. In addition, most store bought yogurts have more sugar than a can of coke, and if they aren’t organic they are from cows who were given hormones, and antibiotics.

A good time to eat is is before meals as it stimulates digestion. I prefer eating it before lunch. It’s also a great food for older babies, and children to help their immune systems fight off colds, and infections. It also help build a strong microbiome from an early age which has lifelong benefits. #JustAThawt

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