Mar 2 2011

Animal Ark

Animal Ark is an amazing 38 acre sanctuary in Reno Nevada. I tried to make the trip when we were in Las Vegas in February, but there was no easy way to get there from Vegas, and with two small kids in toe, I decided to wait to visit at a later date.

Although they were closed for the winter, they were gracious enough to offer to open their doors to us if we could make the trip. I’m sad it didn’t work out, but another time for sure!

Animal Ark is home to a Black Bear, a Grey Wolf, a Coyote, a Mountain Lion, a Bobcat, a Cheetah, a Tiger, a White Tiger and more!

The animals residing at the Sanctuary are there because they are not capable of living in the wild on their own. Some of them were raised as exotic pets, and given up or confiscated.

The Sanctuary opened in 1980 and is now open to the public April 1- October 31. The Ark has a Nature Trail Program to help educate children about the animals and has hosted many school field trips.

This is what Animal Ark has to say about it’s mission, “Through a special enrichment program, all animals receive stimulating activities and toys to help break up boredom. For example, food is often hidden in the enclosure rather than simply given in a dish. Toys such as plain cardboard boxes and hard plastic balls are periodically provided. Unique scents are sprayed around enclosures and food items such as frozen foods and pumpkins are incorporated into daily care routines.

It is Animal Ark’s philosophy that each animal that is taken in is provided a home for life. It is not Animal Ark’s policy to engage in captive breeding for the purposes of selling or trading of animals. It is our belief that wild animals belong in the wild and for those individuals that are not capable of surviving in the wild on their own, they have the power to represent their wild cousins and educate humanity about the needs and importance of maintaining a healthy environment that includes the full representation of natural predators.”

Take a look at this clip from Animal Ark and give them a visit next time you are in the area.


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