Dec 13 2010

Animals Get a Political Party

This past July, TierPartei Schweiz (TPS) (The Animal Party Switzerland) was established with an economist, a lawyer and the head of the Swiss vegetarian union (Renato Pichler) as founding members.

Here is an excerpt of an interview Pichler did with the European Vegetarian and Animal News Alliance (EVANA)  to discuss the new political party.

‘Our motto is by Albert Schweitzer: “I am life that wants to live, in the midst of life that wants to live.” For the Animal Party Switzerland not the economy (making a maximum of money and creating jobs at all cost) takes center stage but the lives of humans and animals.

The idea of an animal party is not new. However, after the rejection of the proposal of nation-wide animal protection lawyers, the issue of animal welfare in politics became more urgent. Of course, so-called animal protection laws are already laid down in the Swiss legislation but since they are not enforced they remain nothing but window-dressing.

During the last years we saw a change in public perception: Today more and more people consider animals as sentient fellow creatures. Still, our dealings with animals continue to be based on making money (food production) or on other benefits for humans (publicity spots with animals, pets etc.)

In Switzerland we have no animal lobby in politics and industry and in the statutes of other political parties their well-being is not addressed. Our party wants to close that gap’.

The Animal Party is committed to:

  • Protection of animals and promotion of those interests
  • Raising awareness and promoting an animal handling of animals
  • Improving the relationship between man and animal
  • Replacement of animal experiments medically and ethically acceptable methods
  • Strengthening of sustainable, ethical principles based on Swiss agriculture
  • Protection and promotion of the natural habitats of animals
  • Promotion of innovative, environmentally responsible and ethical and socially acceptable basis economy
  • Support a sustainable energy policy with the inclusion of environmental and innovative ideas

This is EXACTLY what we need in the United States! I understand that not everyone is going to be vegan, or a vegetarian, but certainly we can all agree that animals need to be treated humanely, and there is no place for factory farms anywhere in the world. Very inspiring!

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