Dec 15 2010

Compost Squirrel

We put our food scrapes in our backyard compost, but what to do with the Halloween pumpkins was a challenge.

They cannot be put in the compost whole because it would take way too long for them to decompose.

The other option would be to cut them up, but I just wasn’t up for it.

There was no way I would put them in a plastic bag only to sit in a landfill.

So, I went with my final option…..Compost Squirrel!


There he is, safely next to my compost pitch fork. He is far quicker than my compost pile could ever be, and he’s having himself a yummy little snack; WIN/WIN!

Some people live in such fear of raccoons, possum, and squirrels. They fear that if they put food out once, that the animals will forever stalk the premises; digging holes, breaking into the garbage etc.

Speaking as someone who has a garden, a compost (covered) and occasionally throws  a snack out back, we don’t have any ‘pest’ problems.

Only a few fat, loyal squirrels.

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