Apr 21 2011

Easter Gifts


I saw this on Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary’s site today and was a little shocked.

“Every year at Easter time, those cute, fluffy, furry animals associated with spring-chicks, ducklings and rabbits-experience the onslaught of consumer demand and can be had for a few dollars as toys for children or used as “props” in portrait studios. In many areas of the country it is illegal to keep these kinds of animals as pets, and so they may be dumped in the woods or in a pond with the thought that they can “revert to being wild,” which they cannot, or given up and often euthanized at an animal shelter. These domesticated species cannot fend for themselves and will die if released into the wild. In addition, baby chicks or ducks can carry Salmonella, which can be extremely dangerous for kids”.

Even though it never occurred to me to give a real animal as an Easter gift, it obviously does to a lot of people, so I wanted to post this to raise awareness and suggest giving stuffed animals instead.

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