Sep 10 2010

Jay Needs Our Help!


I want to share with you some urgent news from Farm Sanctuary in the hopes that you will help me get the word out and help Jay!…………

Thanks to friends like you, Farm Sanctuary’s Emergency Rescue Team brought Jay, a 2-year-old Holstein bull, to safety last week. A brave survivor from the fiery wreckage of a recent trailer crash in Indiana, Jay escaped the horrifying scene and was found miles from the site, traumatized and seriously injured. The remaining animals perished or were transported to slaughter.

Jay’s burns and wounds are severe, so Farm Sanctuary took the suffering bull straight to the Cornell University Hospital for Animals, where he is now receiving the critical medical care he needs. Due to the extent of his injuries, this is just the beginning of the difficult rehabilitation he faces. To help provide immediate care for Jay, will you support Farm Sanctuary with an urgent gift today?

Much of Jay’s body was burned – in many areas down to the muscle. Medical personnel are treating these painful burns with daily cleanings and dead skin removal, but due to the severity of Jay’s injuries, the full extent of the burns will not be known for some time. He is in stable condition, but the danger of infection is high and Jay must remain in a sanitized hospital treatment pen for at least two more weeks, until his health improves. He is also being treated with IV fluids, antibiotics for infection, and medication to manage his pain.

Though he is clearly suffering due to his injuries, Jay’s sweet personality shines through and with ongoing care we know he will persevere down the long road to recovery. While actually a very small bull for his age, his spirit is huge! Please consider a generous gift to Farm Sanctuary’s Emergency Rescue Fund to support Jay’s care and all of our work to help suffering farm animals.

Despite his injuries, Jay is one of the “lucky” ones. Thousands of animals die in transport accidents every year, and all too often, survivors of these accidents who sustain injuries requiring veterinary care are often shot on site, while others with milder injuries are taken to slaughter. Jay now has a chance at a happy life at Farm Sanctuary, and with the support of friends like you, we will provide him with the care he needs to make a full recovery.

Jay is a strong survivor – but he is still far from the sunny pastures of our New York Shelter. Your donation today will provide for his ongoing care and for the needs of all rescued farm animals. The EMERGENCY RESCUE FUND enables us to respond immediately to calls to help suffering farm animals like Jay.

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