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Jan 22 2019

Grain Free (Paleo) Pizza Pockets

                              These pizza pockets are incredible!  You can make them vegetarian, or add meat.  I feel like these days there are ways to make any recipe work for you lifestyle.  As people go through their own… Read More

Sep 26 2018

Carrot Miso Soup Recipe

This time of year, I make a lot of soups. They are an efficient and easy way to ward off colds and the flu, but they have to taste good, and be easy to make. It can be a tall order, but this soup meets all of my requirements. It’s sweet,… Read More

Sep 11 2018

Restore For Gut Health

                              Gut health is becoming part of mainstream conversation which is a great thing! Most people are becoming more aware of the direct link between their gut health and their overall health, including their mental health… Read More

Sep 4 2018

Natural Remedy for Staph/Impetigo

                              The fact that doctors overprescribe antibiotics is not news. And I think most people now realize that our guts are our second brains. If our guts are out of balance (more bad than good bacteria… Read More

Aug 11 2018

The Easiest Way To Open Coconuts!

People have been going coocoo for coconuts for a while now, but they can be intimidating to open. Packaged coconut water doesn’t taste remotely close to fresh, not to mention, it doesn’t have the heart healthy, anti-inflammatory coconut meat that’s great in smoothies. Using a large knife to open an… Read More

Aug 8 2018

Dangers of Gluten Free Rice Products

Many people start eating a lot of rice products when the go gluten free, but rice has dangerous levels of arsenic which is linked to many kinds of cancer. Rice is grown in fields flooded with water. Many of these fields were once used to grow cotton where it was… Read More

Aug 7 2018

Siete Grain Free Gluten Free Tortillas and Wraps

As many people now know, eating grains can be very difficult to digest, and cause inflammation in many as well. Personally, I just feel better when I don’t eat them. Occasionally I do want a sandwich with a wrap, or have some qucamole, or salsa with chips. I was thrilled… Read More

Jul 27 2018

Coffee Up The Butt? YES!

Coffee enemas have been around for a looooong time! And for good reason. I’ll keep it simple, as this is JustAThawt, but there’s significant testimonial evidence that coffee enemas have greatly helped those suffering from cancer, and has increased the lifespan of those with some of the deadliest kinds of… Read More

Jul 23 2018

Organic Sprouted Almond Malk

Making almond milk has become my nemesis. It really doesn’t take that long, but it’s just one more thing on my long list to do. First, you need to soak the nuts to remove tannin because it inhibits nutrient absorption. Most of the non dairy milk on the market are… Read More

Jul 19 2018

Creme Brûlée Dairy Free

Who doesn’t love Creme Brûlée?  Maybe someone who hasn’t tried it yet. It’s one of the things that was hard to give up when we stopped eating dairy. My kids love it too, and they’re so happy they can now have it whenever they want it. Or at least whenever… Read More

Jul 12 2018

Sauerkraut Everyday?

                                Yes, I eat sauerkraut almost everyday, and of course, I’ll tell you why. Most of us have gotten out of touch with our cultural roots, but if we were to go back, most of… Read More

Jul 10 2018

Gut Health Gummies

Most kids go crazy fro gummies. Unfortunately they are full of artificial flavors that have been linked to ADHD. There are now some organic options which are not horrendous, but these are actually good for you. I make these gummies with Vital Proteins Beef Gelatin. I’m sorry to those of… Read More

Jul 8 2018

Morning Lemon Water

                              The importance of what you eat or drink first thing in the morning can’t be overstated.  That is because you’re breaking a fast from the night before.  Whatever you consume first, will be absorbed more… Read More

Jul 6 2018

Optimizing Brain Health

                              In Dr. Mark Hyman’s book, The UltraMind Solution, he gives practical ways to optimize brain health, ward off depression, dementia, ADHD, and any other brain related issues you can think of. Luckily genes have almost… Read More

Jul 4 2018

Dry Brushing

I’ve been dry brushing for many years, and I don’t go a day without it. It gets the lymphatic system going, which greatly helps the immune system, and helps you detoxify. In turn, your skin looks great. I also believe it decreases the appearance of cellulite. When the kids are… Read More

Jul 2 2018

Toxin Binders

                          Charcoal and clay have been used for thousands of years for maintaining health. Animals naturally eat clay/dirt when they are sick, and to help ward off parasites. Binders are helpful for people who are susceptible to mold… Read More

Jul 1 2018

Caesar Salad (Dairy Free)

Most dressings are full of low quality, carcinogenic vegetable oils, and/or dairy. In other words, inflammatory.  Whole Foods is starting to get some better options, but it’s still much healthier, and tastier to make your own. My kids love Caesar, Ranch and Balsamic the most. Balsamic is obviously easy (I… Read More

Jun 28 2018

Why Use an Infrared Sauna

The best part of my day is after I get the kids to bed and I hop in our far infrared sauna at 150 degrees for 30 minutes. That’s my time to read, meditate, or watch some TV if I need some mindlessness. My not so favorite part of the… Read More

Jun 27 2018

Women Bar – Not Just For Women

It’s hard to find good bar when you don’t eat gluten, dairy, or soy. So many bars have whey protein (dairy) or soy isolate which increases cancer risks, disrupts hormones, and is not good for your thyroid. Many people disagree, but I feel strongly about those risks, and I won’t… Read More

Jun 26 2018

Proteolytic Enzymes

I’ve been taking proteolytic enzymes for at least 6 years, and it’s one of those things I don’t go a day without taking.  They are anti-inflammatory, and anti-cancer. They break down fibrin which is like spiderwebs in the blood that slows down blood flow. It’s also a place where cancer… Read More

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