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Sep 11 2018

Restore For Gut Health

Gut health is becoming part of mainstream conversation which is a great thing! Most people are becoming more aware of the direct link between their gut health and their overall health, including their mental health as our guts are our second brain.  Most people who eat conventional diets (non organic,… Read More

Aug 11 2018

The Easiest Way To Open Coconuts!

People have been going coocoo for coconuts for a while now, but they can be intimidating to open. Packaged coconut water doesn’t taste remotely close to fresh, not to mention, it doesn’t have the heart healthy, anti-inflammatory coconut meat that’s great in smoothies. Using a large knife to open an… Read More

Aug 7 2018

Siete Grain Free Gluten Free Tortillas and Wraps

As many people now know, eating grains can be very difficult to digest, and cause inflammation in many as well. Personally, I just feel better when I don’t eat them. Occasionally I do want a sandwich with a wrap, or have some qucamole, or salsa with chips. I was thrilled… Read More

Oct 25 2016

Our Fight Against Mold Illness

Our Fight Against Mold Illness

I wanted to do this post about mold illness after we had conquered it, but it turns out it’s taking more time than I previously thought. So many people have been asking about it, and it’s complicated to explain, so I’m putting this information out there before we’ve reached the… Read More

Oct 1 2012

Cruelty In The Down Industry

In order to produce down comforters, pillows, and coats, birds are often pinned down or lifted by their necks or a delicate wing and have their feathers painfully ripped out while they are alive and able to feel pain. Live-plucking causes birds considerable pain and distress. Many birds are plucked… Read More

May 29 2012

Humane Society Foster Program

If you’ve been following my blog, you know that we are big into fostering animals for the Humane Society. We’ve had Dogs, Puppies, Kitties, bunnies, more kitties and our latest family that consists of a hardworking mom, and her six pups. Libby, a Lab/Pit mix, came into the Humane Society as a stray. She had her… Read More

May 2 2012

Tell PETA My Mink Is Draggin’ On The Floor

“Tell PETA my mink is draggin’ on the floor” are lyrics from Kanye West’s song, “Theraflu”. I suppose he thinks that’s clever, but to me it’s merely a childish and very desperate attempt at getting negative publicity. It worked though. He’s gotten a ton of attention from not only people… Read More

Mar 23 2012

Going To The Circus?

Going to the circus this weekend? I hope not! I’ve never taken my kids, and I never will. I used to just cringe when I heard people say they were going, but I actually stop in my tracks and try to let them know a little bit about what’s really… Read More

Feb 3 2012

Critchlow Alligator Sanctuary

Critchlow Alligator Sanctuary is a gem about 2 hours west of Detroit. The owner David Critchlow first envisioned a reptile park in the mid 80’s, beginning with a small habitat for small cold-blooded animals indigenous to Michigan as entertainment. In 2001, David’s collection of reptiles and tropical plants has now… Read More

Jan 25 2012

Meet Polly……

This is Polly, our newest foster. She’s an eight year old Pomeranian, and she is the sweetest little girl! I know I’ve said it before, but fostering animals through the Humane Society is one of the easiest and most rewarding things you can do. They give you everything you need,… Read More

Nov 14 2011

Foster Puppies!

Since we have been fostering animals people always ask how I am able to give them back. And up until now it’s been easy. I mean, the kitties were great, but I didn’t feel a huge pull for the full-time commitment. However…….these pups got to me. Actually, just the one.… Read More

Nov 2 2011

Four Foster Kitties!

The bunny fostering did not go over well, but kitties are great! These poor little guys (2 girls and 2 guys actually) are really sick! They all have upper respiratory infections and two of them have eye infections as well. That means lots of meds! Not sure how much experience… Read More

Oct 26 2011

My Apologies To Laverne and Shirley

We recently started taking in foster animals from the Humane Society. (Click here for more info. on the program). We still have two amazing kittens that are going back on Wednesday, so I really didn’t want to take in any more animals, but I got an email that said there… Read More

Oct 3 2011

Meet Our Foster Kitties!

Meet Ari and Eric, our two foster kitties from the Michigan Humane Society! After completing a short application, going to a 3 hour class, and having a quick home visit from a humane society representative, we are now qualified to foster animals in need from the Michigan Humane Society. About… Read More

Sep 21 2011

Billy The Exterminator

I’m not sure if you’ve seen the A & E show, Billy The Exterminator, but the kids and I are addicted to it. I realize it doesn’t sound like a real animal rights kind of show, but it actually is. The reality is as subdivisions expand, cities grown, and we… Read More

Jul 11 2011

Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary

On our trip to upstate New York, we stopped by Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, and were not disappointed! As you can see, we had the opportunity to see some happy pigs, chickens lounging in the sun with their limbs extended as far as possible for maximum relaxation, goats, cows, cats,… Read More

Apr 21 2011

Easter Gifts

I saw this on Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary’s site today and was a little shocked. “Every year at Easter time, those cute, fluffy, furry animals associated with spring-chicks, ducklings and rabbits-experience the onslaught of consumer demand and can be had for a few dollars as toys for children or used… Read More

Apr 1 2011

Piggy Bath

This is one of the cutest videos I’ve ever seen, so I of course have to share! Some of the comments on You Tube after the video were, “I’ll never eat bacon again”, and ” I’m so glad I’m vegetarian”. If you eat meat, I’m hoping you’ll reconsider after watching… Read More

Mar 16 2011

Seal Slaughter Protest in The D

Monday, March 14th, The International Day of Action for Seals,  I headed down to Detroit to protest Canada’s Slaughter of innocent, and insanely cute, seals. Protesters lined up near the Renaissance Center, right where the tunnel into Canada is located. We lined the streets with signs, hoping to catch our… Read More

Mar 2 2011

Animal Ark

Animal Ark is an amazing 38 acre sanctuary in Reno Nevada. I tried to make the trip when we were in Las Vegas in February, but there was no easy way to get there from Vegas, and with two small kids in toe, I decided to wait to visit at… Read More

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