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Sep 11 2018

Restore For Gut Health

Gut health is becoming part of mainstream conversation which is a great thing! Most people are becoming more aware of the direct link between their gut health and their overall health, including their mental health as our guts are our second brain.  Most people who eat conventional diets (non organic,… Read More

Sep 4 2018

Natural Remedy for Staph/Impetigo

                              The fact that doctors overprescribe antibiotics is not news. And I think most people now realize that our guts are our second brains. If our guts are out of balance (more bad than good bacteria… Read More

Aug 8 2018

Dangers of Gluten Free Rice Products

Many people start eating a lot of rice products when the go gluten free, but rice has dangerous levels of arsenic which is linked to many kinds of cancer. Rice is grown in fields flooded with water. Many of these fields were once used to grow cotton where it was… Read More

Jul 27 2018

Coffee Up The Butt? YES!

Coffee enemas have been around for a looooong time! And for good reason. I’ll keep it simple, as this is JustAThawt, but there’s significant testimonial evidence that coffee enemas have greatly helped those suffering from cancer, and has increased the lifespan of those with some of the deadliest kinds of… Read More

Jul 12 2018

Sauerkraut Everyday?

                                Yes, I eat sauerkraut almost everyday, and of course, I’ll tell you why. Most of us have gotten out of touch with our cultural roots, but if we were to go back, most of… Read More

Jul 8 2018

Morning Lemon Water

                              The importance of what you eat or drink first thing in the morning can’t be overstated.  That is because you’re breaking a fast from the night before.  Whatever you consume first, will be absorbed more… Read More

Jul 6 2018

Optimizing Brain Health

In Dr. Mark Hyman’s book, The UltraMind Solution, he gives practical ways to optimize brain health, ward off depression, dementia, ADHD, and any other brain related issues you can think of. Luckily genes have almost nothing to do with it. A small percentage of people are genetically predisposed to these… Read More

Jun 28 2018

Why Use an Infrared Sauna

The best part of my day is after I get the kids to bed and I hop in our far infrared sauna at 150 degrees for 30 minutes. That’s my time to read, meditate, or watch some TV if I need some mindlessness. My not so favorite part of the… Read More

Jun 27 2018

Women Bar – Not Just For Women

It’s hard to find good bar when you don’t eat gluten, dairy, or soy. So many bars have whey protein (dairy) or soy isolate which increases cancer risks, disrupts hormones, and is not good for your thyroid. Many people disagree, but I feel strongly about those risks, and I won’t… Read More

Dec 18 2015

Capello’s Grain-Free Products

As you may have noticed, I’m grain-free. I have been since the first trimester of my last pregnancy. Harlow is now 10 weeks old and I’ve never felt better. I really hate labels, and people always ask, or assume what box I’m supposed to fit into. Am I vegan, paleo,… Read More

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