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Nov 14 2012

The Pregnancy Project – Tracy Anderson

Tracy Anderson’s Pregnancy Project DVD series is making me so happy! Being pregnant is a miracle, and a joy of course, but it’s extremely taxing on our bodies.  Keeping physically fit is so important right now for our minds, our spirits, the health of the baby, making labor and delivery… Read More

May 24 2010

King Corn

To be honest, this DVD started out as a yawn. Part of it was probably my fault because I came to the viewing experience with high expectations. Somewhere mid-film it took a nice turn. The focus turned from the film’s two creators desire to grow corn (not a lot actually… Read More

Apr 18 2010

No Impact Man

One of the most amazing documentaries I’ve ever seen! It follows a man, Colin Beavan, his wife, and young daughter in New York City  as they attempt living a zero-waste lifestyle for one year.They did it in gradual steps. They did not purchase any new items except food. Their food… Read More

Viewing 1-3 of 3 posts Per Page: