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Apr 20 2012

Win “Go Veg” Flip Flops

Don’t forget to join the EKC community for a chance to win a pair of “Go Veg” flip flops! All you have to do is register, upload a profile picture, and a winner will be selected each month. When you’re selected to be the Featured Member, you can choose “pigs”… Read More

Aug 31 2011

Free People’s Vegan Leather Clothing

Last month Free People started a line of vegan clothes. They have some amazing faux leather pants, jackets, and shorts, along with faux suede pants and more! If the response is good they will make more cruelty-free clothes so get out there and start buying your fall wardrobes! This is… Read More

Dec 1 2010

Chad Ochocinco Chooses ‘Ink, Not Mink’

Ok ladies, get yourselves together, it’s for a good cause! Chad Ochocinco did this shoot for PETA to raise awareness on the cruelty of the fur industry. For some ’tis the season for fur. That’s why this campaign comes at a perfect time. Most people know wearing fur has a… Read More

Nov 30 2010

“My Right As A Carnivore”

I’m sharing this post by Mac McDaniel because he sums up the situation at Matt & Nat perfectly. For those of you who may have missed it in my previous posts, Matt & Nat is one of my favorite vegan handbag companies. I had the pleasure of meeting its founder,… Read More

Nov 20 2010

Design Your Own Custom Bag

One Bag One Earth ( allows customers to design their own bags made from recycled plastic bottles. These bags are perfect for showers, corporate events, fundraisers, promos, you name it. Nice to see a company finding creative ways to get plastic water bottles out of the landfills, while at the… Read More

Aug 30 2010

Cherry Berry Vegan Handbags

Cherry Berry has been making really cute, moderately priced, vegan handbags for quite a few years now. Its modern vision to merge style with an eco-friendly mindset grew stronger in the past decade. Cherry Berry’s philosophy is  that, in this changing world, every person has an obligation and a responsibility… Read More

Aug 22 2010


……. of course! These jeans are made with 98% organic cotton and 2% spandex. But better than that, they are easily recycleable through The Common Threads Recycling Program. The Common Threads Recycling Program allows Patagonia to recycle many of their old clothes into new ones! Just another reason why Patagonia… Read More

Aug 14 2010

More Great Vegan Shoes!

If you’re not going to eat meat, why would you wear it? Preferably, one would not. However, it’s not an easy task. That’s why I’m so happy to share another great line of vegan shoes, Beyond Skin. Beyond skin is based in the UK and is not only kind to… Read More

Aug 9 2010

Recycle Your Jeans to Make…..

A customized bag! This bag is so much fun and “green.” Just send 2 pairs of your old jeans to Patty O, and she’ll make you a bag! She will even personalize your message (for free), or you can stick with the “These Are My Ex’s Jeans” slogan. If you… Read More

Aug 4 2010

Cozy Eco-Friendly Athletic and Active Wear

ALO has created a collection of performanceclothing named for the elements that we live within: Air, Land and Ocean. Their technically advanced Bamboo Jersey fabric has inherent properties that wick moisture and is naturally anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic and breathable with no added chemicals. At the ALO headquarters in Los Angeles, California,… Read More

Aug 2 2010

Fabulous Vegan Shoes!

Ladies, we have a great alternative to leather shoes thanks to Cri de Coeur, a line of top-quality vegan shoes! Cri de Coeur is a French expression that translates literally to “cry from the heart.” Every pair is thoughtfully handmade. The brand was created by Gina Ferraraccioa and Julie Ditcterowin… Read More

Jul 28 2010

Fruit Bracelets?

Can you believe these bracelets are made out of organic beets, starfruit and zucchini? California native, Margaret Dorfman, handcrafts each bracelet by using fruits and vegetables that are cured, pressed, aged and dried into a translucent parchment sheet. The sheet is then fused to a copper cuff. Check out… Read More

Jul 12 2010

Cute Eco-Friendly T-Shirt Alert!

The T-Shirts at are not only environmentally friendly, they are soft and cute! They are made from recycled plastic bottles and organic cotton. Their tees are made either 100% from organic cotton,  a blend of recycled plastic bottles (RPET)  and organic cotton, or other eco-friendly materials. To make the RPET,… Read More

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