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Jun 28 2018

Why Use an Infrared Sauna

The best part of my day is after I get the kids to bed and I hop in our far infrared sauna at 150 degrees for 30 minutes. That’s my time to read, meditate, or watch some TV if I need some mindlessness. My not so favorite part of the… Read More

Mar 16 2014

The Best Tooth Care!

I haven’t written a post in a few months, for reasons I’ll get into soon, but I keep telling people about how amazing my teeth feel so I thought it would just be easier to do a post. Living Libations is the creation of Nadine Artemis. She began experimenting with… Read More

Apr 13 2013

Make Your Own Maple Syrup

A few days a go I thought I was going to tell all of you that making your own maple syrup was a cool idea, but not worth the hassle. But things have changed. Now that we have the finished product, and know how delicious it is, and how much… Read More

Aug 19 2012

Live Butterfly Garden

We recently purchased The Live Butterfly Garden, and it was a big hit! The kids have always loved bugs, and butterflies are no exception. Usually animal “toys”, or gimmicks, are sort of alarming to me. They usually consist of 1 lonely looking frog in a cup alone that dies shortly… Read More

May 21 2012

How Much Protein Do Kids Need?

Probably less than you think. Healthy 1-to-3-year-old children need 0.55 grams of protein per pound of body weight per day, which means the average 29-pound toddler needs 16 grams of protein each day. The RDAs for older children are 0.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight for 4-to-6-year-olds;… Read More

May 11 2012

A Cup Of Lentils A Day

Lentils are one of the most underrated and underused foods out there! Just one cup has 89% of the folate needed for the day, along with 36% of the iron needed. One cup of lentils also has 18 grams of protein, which is 36% the daily recommended value, and 15… Read More

Apr 4 2012

Derma e® Wrinkle Reverse Serum

I was at Whole Foods the other day and decided to pick this up. I’ve read a lot about how peptides are supposed to be great at fighting wrinkles, but had never tried them. Derma e® is certified cruelty-free, paraben-free, and eco-friendly so I decided to give it a shot.… Read More

Apr 2 2012

Natural Remedy For Sinus Infections

It probably goes without saying, but I very rarely take pharmaceuticals, including aspirin, Tylenol etc. So, when I saw that I probably had a sinus infection I was a little worried. That same week NPR aired a story about how frequently people take antibiotics for sinus infections. Not only do… Read More

Mar 28 2012

Glass Straws

Most of us try to stay away from disposable plastics for a number of different reasons. They are not good for the environment, it’s much more economical to buy items we can re-use, we are concerned about the toxins leaching into our food and beverages, and yet straws seem to… Read More

Mar 16 2012

ThermaScan: Radiation-Free Breast Cancer Detection

Everyone knows how important it is to detect breast cancer early, but at what age should we start? What tests should we be getting? How often? It can all be pretty confusing, especially since we are continually hearing conflicting recommendations. “Women over 30, over 35, over 40”. “Go get mammograms”.… Read More

Mar 9 2012

Younger Looking Skin

I’m often asked about what products I use on my skin. I continually post about products I like and have put many of them on My Favorites, but the appearance of my skin has far more to do with what I put IN my body, than what I put ON… Read More

Oct 21 2011

What Are You Having For Breakfast?

A few days ago I posted a recipe for a cereal alternative, and then I just stumbled on this video of a cereal factory. The whole process kind of grosses me out, and I’m not even sure it’s really food. Most cereal are made primarily out of corn that’s been… Read More

Oct 5 2011

SASHA Farm Animal Sanctuary Volunteer Day

A few weeks ago we went to the volunteer work day at SASHA Farm Animal Sanctuary. It’s about an hour and a half away, and the whole ride the kids were asking “when can we clean up the poo?!” We were armed with pooper scoopers in hand and were ready… Read More

Aug 17 2011

My Kids Won’t Eat That!

I often hear moms complaining that their kids won’t eat certain foods, and asking me how I get my kids to eat so many healthy things. I shy away from answering this question because I know it’s a touchy subject, but I’m going to give my very unscientific opinion. I… Read More

Aug 5 2011

Hospital Food – WTF?

A few weeks ago I was having some abdominal pains that lasted about two days. By the second day I started to realize it was my appendix. I had a strong feeling that it was going to have to be yanked, so I went to my doc. He sent me… Read More

Jul 20 2011

What’s In Your Garden?

This year I’ve tried adding a few new plants to our garden. Sunflowers, Corn, strawberries, and pees are all new for us. I didn’t want to plant as many tomatoes as last year, but one this one found it’s way anyhow, right next to the sunflower, and completely covering our… Read More

Jul 15 2011

Garden Cafe Woodstock New York

Our favorite restaurant in Woodstock New York is Garden Cafe! My husband and I ate there without the kids in the evening after they went to bed, and we took them there for lunch. It’s romantic and quaint for adults, and it had a lovely garden area that is perfect… Read More

Jul 13 2011

Plate to Planet Video Series: Gene Baur on the Environment

Gene Baur of Farm Sanctuary gives a great explanation of the negative impacts factory farming has on the environment. The choice to not eat animals is not only about compassion for animals, it’s also about the unsustainability of the industry, and it’s impact on our environment. Give the video a… Read More

Jun 1 2011

Community Garden Time!

It has finally stopped raining long enough to start our plot at the community garden! It wasn’t easy, but we did it! This is the first year this particular piece of land is being used for a garden so there were plenty of stubborn weeds to deal with. The plot… Read More

May 13 2011

Squirrel in the Compost!

Now that the weather is warmer I need to pay a little more attention to my compost bin. During the winter I would just throw our extra fruits, veggies etc. into the bin without much thought because I knew it would just freeze and begin composting when the weather got… Read More

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