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Sep 6 2012

A Totally Vegetarian McDonald’s?!

Even McDonald’s is realizing they need to make changes to keep up with our changing world. More and more people are realizing the health benefits of a vegetarian diet. Not to mention how amazing it feels not to harm other living creatures. BBC News reports that McDonald’s will be opening its… Read More

Sep 3 2012

“Go Veg” Flip Flop Blowout!

Sadly, summer is ending, but the good news is the “Go Veg” Flip Flop is now on sale for only $15.00! Not only are they super cute, but a portion of the proceeds go to PETA. Even though it’s getting colder, they are still great for showers at the gym,… Read More

Jul 25 2012

SASHA Farm Needs Our Help!

Over the past few years we have spend a lot of time at SASHA Farm Animal Sanctuary. The farm, in Manchester, Michigan, takes care of more than 200 farm animals who have been neglected, mistreated, or saved from slaughter. We try to go whenever they have a volunteer day to help… Read More

Jun 1 2012

More Celebrities Embracing a Plant Based Diet

While getting ready to fit in a cat suit for all the world to see in The Avengers, Scarlett Johansson opted for a raw vegan diet. According to Scar Jo, she’s trying to “fix” her previous Paleo diet. That’s one diet I’ve never understood, and I’m not sure who got… Read More

May 15 2012

My VegNews.Com Article

VegNews recently asked me to contribute to their VegNews.Com website and I was thrilled! It’s a great resource filled with vegan recipes, and news on whats going on in the veggie world. Check out the article I did on incorporating “SuperFoods” into our kid’s diets, and ours!

Apr 30 2012

John Salley at VegFest Michigan

VegFest Michigan had an outstanding turn out once again this year. That is in part thanks to former Detroit Piston, and Four-Time World Championship Winning, John Salley. John is an outspoken vegan who has done more to draw attention and awareness to adopting a plant-based diet than most celebrities. His… Read More

Apr 25 2012

Beautiful Beginnings Doula Services

My longtime friend Stacy Thompson has always had a passion for helping women, particularly pregnant women. She was a huge support to me during my first pregnancy, and now she’s bringing her knowledge to you. Stacy is a certified doula, and is launching Beautiful Beginnings Birth Services in April, 2012.… Read More

Apr 23 2012

VegFest Michigan

VegMichigan works to educate the public about the many benefits of a plant-based lifestyle, and they also provide support to vegetarians, vegans and anyone interested in a better way of living–one that is healthy, eco-friendly and humane toward all our planet’s creatures. Every year they put on VegFest Michigan where… Read More

Apr 17 2012

Vegan Diet Has Positive Impact In Prison

I found this story fascinating and wanted to share. I read it in Vegetarian Spotlight, and although a bit shocking it makes total sense. Bottom line is that a vegan diet offered to inmates ultimately led to a decrease in recidivism from 95% to 2%! I know first-hand that I… Read More

Feb 12 2012

The Green Shows At Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

After only 6 months of debuting my line of shoes, Elizabeth Detroit, I was asked to participate in The Green Shows at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week! The Green Shows is platform for the visibility and promotion of contemporary and luxury ethical fashion. I was asked to overnight my shoes just a… Read More

Feb 6 2012

Times Are Changing!

Ok, so even if you choose to eat meat and dairy, CLEARLY McDonald’s is not the place to go! You can’t even eat the veggie options there, like french fries. I feel almost silly pointing this out because I feel like everyone knows this, yet the place is still packed… Read More

Feb 2 2012

Raw Vegan Pop-Up Supper Club

Come join my friends at DROUGHT JUICE and Corinne Rice (of for a raw vegan dinner, Sunday February 12, 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM at the lovely Del Pryor Gallery inside of Spiral Collective for an evening full of great food, amazing music and wonderful company. the menu: first-… Read More

Jan 9 2012

Elizabeth Detroit in StyleLine January, 2012

Thank you StyleLine for the great article in the, January, 2012 issue! It’s currently available in stores and online. I’m in the middle of working on a bunch of new designs, and cannot wait to share – great way to start the year!

Dec 23 2011

Happy Holidays!

We are away for the holidays, and enjoying a much needed (electronics-free) vaca, but we will pick up where we left off after the New Year, with recipes, product reviews, and interviews! Happy Holidays!

Dec 5 2011

Compassion Couture

I am pleased to announce that Compassion Couture is now carrying my faux-suede booties! Compassion Couture was started by two sisters, Jill and Tracey. It’s an amazing online boutique that is commited to provided stylish cruelty-free fashion. They also have a blog, Compassion Forward, full of the latest styles that… Read More

Oct 19 2011

Flip Flop Give Away!

There are only a few days left to go to PETA 2 and win a pair of flip flops from Elizabeth’s Kind Cafe! The winner can pick the flip flop of his or her choice. I know it’s getting colder out, but these are great for the gym, college dorms,… Read More

Aug 22 2011

Vegan Class Offered At Oakland University!

The Nursing School at Oakland University in Michigan is offering a vegan diet class. It’s offered online so anyone can sign up. Oakland University Instructor Marilyn Mouradjian, MSN, RN, is a practicing vegan who has long incorporated the benefits of the vegan diet in her nutrition courses. “Our culture relies… Read More

Aug 19 2011

Bill Clinton Still Eating A Plant Based Diet

Last October I posted about Bill Clinton’s vegan diet and how as a result he has lost weight, improved his health, and energy. At that time he said he ate fish every once in a while, and at that time so did I. Since then Bill and I have kicked… Read More

Jul 8 2011


In his book Tomatoland: How Modern Industrial Agriculture Destroyed Our Most Alluring Fruit, Berry Estabrook explores why tomatoes seem to have lost their flavor, their je ne c’est quoi. Estabrook is a freelance food writer whose work has appeared in The Atlantic, The New York Times and The Washington Post,… Read More

Jun 16 2011

Natural Awakenings Article and Energy Bar Recipe

For all of you in the Detroit area, please check out the June issue of Natural Awakenings for our energy bar recipe! You can also find the recipe and a demo on the website with this link!

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