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Apr 13 2013

Make Your Own Maple Syrup

A few days a go I thought I was going to tell all of you that making your own maple syrup was a cool idea, but not worth the hassle. But things have changed. Now that we have the finished product, and know how delicious it is, and how much… Read More

May 27 2011

DIY Natural, Organic Bug Spray Demo Video

The bugs are in full force and last year at this time the kids got eaten alive! I hate spraying them with anything, especially chemicals. Even the more natural brands have ingredients I can’t pronounce and don’t know exactly what they are. When we apply chemicals to our skin, they… Read More

Jun 12 2010

Make Your Own….. Playdough (Play-doh)

I found this easy recipe for making your own Play-doh and am so happy to be sharing it with you! Play-doh is great, but as many of you know, it often ends up in their mouths! This recipe is not meant to be eaten, but at least you will have… Read More

Viewing 1-3 of 3 posts Per Page: