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Oct 24 2010

Rally to Restore Sanity

As a big Jon Stewart fan I’m both happy about this rally, and sad that I am unable to attend. I will however be watching the Daily Show for updates and looking for comments from people who are able to make it. Here’s what it’s all about………… “I’m mad as… Read More

Sep 27 2010

PETA’s 30 Anniversary Gala

This past weekend, PETA celebrated 30 years of ground breaking activism. Attendees included host, Alec Baldwin, Pamela Anderson, Eve Mendes and more. Here is a PETA video from the red carpet. Each celebrity talks about what issues are important to them, and offer ways we can help make a change.… Read More

Jul 16 2010

Fines For Propped Open Doors?

Yes, it’s true. It’s illegal to keep doors propped open while the air conditioning is on in NYC. Recently, 9 businesses have been fined for doing just that! This is one of those laws that’s great for the environment and I’m sure nobody took seriously. Business owners likely said to… Read More

May 19 2010

What is “A Weeks Worth of Dinners Made Easy”?

I’m just teaching (trying to) my children how to connect with their food, their environment, themselves and our family by including them in making their own food. The “Cooking With Kids Method” starts with collecting food together (preferably through growing your own garden), cooking together and then composting what is… Read More

Apr 12 2010

About Elizabeth and This Blog

I am a wife of 4 years, and a mother of two boys; Noah and Henry (3 and 1 respectively). I was a lawyer in my pre-baby phase of my life. Now I very much enjoy staying home with the kids. Why am I ‘NOT A COOL MOM’? I’m not… Read More

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