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Jan 27 2011

Week 2

  Monday – Quesadillas These quesadillas are great for children and adults. They only take a few minutes to make (after you cook the brown rice). If I know I will be making them during the week, I’ll usually cook the brown rice Sunday night while I’m doing stuff around… Read More

Jan 7 2011

Week 1

For week one we are going to make some warm recipes that will help us feel cozy on these cold winter days! They don’t take long, and they’re extremely healthy. I try to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables in the winter to keep from catching a cold. I… Read More

Jan 6 2011

A Weeks Worth Of Recipes

If you don’t already, try cooking at least three dinners every week for your family. Recruit the kids to help. Saturdays are great for taking the family to the farmers markets to do a large part of your shopping for the week. It’s a fun way to buy vegetables, while… Read More

Viewing 1-3 of 3 posts Per Page: