Mar 23 2011



My husband and I recently watched the DVD ‘Eating’ after learning that it was the catalyst that turned meat eating, real eatate mogul, Steve Wynn, into a vegan.

Not only did Wynn become vegan, he gave a copy to each of his thousands of employees, and he added vegan menus to all of his restaurants.

So what was is it about this DVD that had such an impact?

Well, let me first say that you have to watch the whole thing to get the full impact because there is a lot of information!

It’s a little dry, but the facts are enough to convert even the most stubborn carnivores.

‘Eating’ is a perfect gift for loved ones because if you care about someone, you don’t want them consuming meat and dairy and this DVD will show them why.

It’s no secret that cancer and heart disease is running rampant through our communities. These diseases started taking hold after we moved from a plant based diet to a meat and dairy diet.

Thanks to government subsidies, meat and dairy became affordable on a massive scale, while cancer and heart disease escalated accordingly.

Now these illnesses are showing up in areas around the world previously unaffected. A big thank you to McDonald’s and other fast food chains for that one!

The DVD shows testimonials from people who turned around their ailing health and refused surgery by changing to a plant based diet.

I definitely recommend this DVD for anyone who cares about their health and who wants to remain as healthy as possible while they age.

When I do posts like this, I’m often asked where to buy the DVD, so I made it easy for you; it can be purchased at my eStore.