Oct 10 2011

Ellen DeGeneres Talks About Being Vegan

A lot of people ask me why I’m vegan. I answer this question on my blog (click here to read), but the real catalyst for me was watching this interview with Ellen DeGeneres.

I had just started seriously researching changing to a plant based diet and I came across this interview.

She mentions the documentary Earthlings, and how it changed everything for her.

As a result, I went out and rented it, and boom!, it was a whole new world.

It’s tough to get through, but it’s truly a life changer. Anyhow, without watching this interview, I would have never seen Earthlings, so thank you Ellen!

She also mentions something that is so true for me. She talks about how she used to be anxious and had a lot of anxiety, and she attributes that to taking in the negative energy from animals, and animal products.

Since I’ve stopped consuming meat and dairy, my anxiety has practically disappeared. If you’re not big into the whole concept of “energy”, you can also look at it scientifically.

These animals are not only pumped full of harmful antibiotics, eat genetically modified corn (made with insecticides and pesticides), but consider the hormones they emit as they are transported on hot, crowded trucks, down highways to be slaughtered.

They are releasing huge amounts of adrenaline and cortisol. So even if you eat organic meat and dairy, they are still releasing their own natural hormones, that I personally don’t want in my body.

So, check out the clip with Ellen, and try to muster up the strength to get through Earthlings. It’s not easy, but it’s knowledge, and knowledge is power!

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