Feb 7 2011

The Future of Food

The Future of Food was one of the best DVDs I’ve ever seen.

It is a very real and scary documentary about the state of our food today.

More specifically, the impact of genetically modified foods on our health, farmers, the economy and the future.

I can say that after watching the DVD this past summer I no longer eat corn. Eating genetically modified corn is the same as eating pesticides, not because pesticides have been sprayed on the corn, but because pesticides are actually inside the corn. Put there by the company who genetically modified it and patented it.

In a recent interview on NPR with the founder of BreastCancer.org, Dr. Marisa Weiss, she said she will not eat corn either.

Monsanto, Inc. actually has a patent on corn and is putting smaller family farms out of business all over the country.

Monsanto is able to put them out of business by finding Monsanto’s patented corn growing on family farms. The smaller farms don’t even want it on their property, but wind blows seeds, seeds fall of of trucks etc., then Monsanto’s corn ends up growing on family farms.

Monsanto then sues them for patent infringement, and essentially bankrupts them.

The Future of Food is a political, environmental and social film that is a must see!

Check out a small segment from the film and watch the rest when you have time.

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